Monday, July 11, 2011

The REAL Baby White!

So, *Sigh,* I've finally gotten my butt into gear and made another post to my blog. I have no clue how long it's been, probably 4 months? Eeeeek!!!! Shame on me. My apologies, but, I have an excuse, by the name of BABY!!!! I made a post several months ago about the ol' hubs and I starting to try to have a baby, and now here we are!!! We are SOOOO lucky to not to have waited for very long, took us about 3 months. Even though during the time we were trying the weeks of waiting seemed like MONTHS, and I was worried that it may not work for some reason (I am a worrier.) Once we finally got our positive, I was really surprised and thankful that we were blessed with a baby after hardly anytime at all of trying. All of you mommies or ladies trying to be mommies that struggled or are currently struggling with conceiving, I commend you!!! Your strength is beyond comprehension to me. 

Anywhos, we have gradually told family and close friends over the last several weeks and made the big Facebook reveal about a week ago. I am 13 weeks tomorrow, and this experience has been, to say the least, LIFE ALTERING!!!! My body, seriously, does not belong to me anymore. Most every body part does not function like it used to pre-baby. When you take a step back, it really is incredible and amazing. When you are the one living it, IT'S CRAZYYYYYYYY!!! Part of the reason why I haven't been blogging is because I always used to blog late at night after Jeremy went to bed. Well, at night, Sara is a zombie. Literally, I am a walking dead person. Usually, though, I am not walking. I am a laying down, whining, crying, this-nausea-shall-be-the-death-of-me person. Now listen people, please don't take my "complaining" as a sign that I am in ANYYY WAYYYY ungrateful for the wonderful blessing God has given us. Take it as a lady who is struggling and finds comfort in sharing her experiences with others in hopes to get some good feedback. (That's why I did this whole blog thing from the beginning, remember? I'm a sharing kind of gal, it makes what I'm going through easier to handle.) 

Anyways, right when I got pregnant I bought THE book, we all know what it is, and read up on the internet. I read that you are more prone to morning sickness if you get severe motion sickness, from flying, driving, etc. RED FLAG. I am the queen of car sickness. So, I was concerned. About week 6 is when it hit. First sign of it was when I was taking a shower and suddenly felt like I needed to vomit and had to sit down in the shower. It was quick, went away, but I knew, uh oh, here it comes. Fast forward 7 weeks later, I am still, struggling. I've tried preggie pops, sea bands, my Dr even gave my a Rx for nausea and vomiting for chemo patients (Zofran) and nothing works. The Zofran is successful in keeping the vomiting at bay, but not the nausea. This nausea is like car sickness jacked up on steroids or something. It's insane. God bless my poor husband for all the torture he's endured from taking care of me each and every night for the last 7 weeks.(My sickness is at night, I feel fine during the morning/early daytime) I am praying and hoping and begging the good Lord above to ease this nausea now that my 1st trimester is over. Dang it's been difficult. 

However, I am coping better than I was 4 weeks ago. Coping better probably because I feel that I am towards the end of it and most likely relief is on it's way. Week 8-10 or so, no way. Game over. I didn't think I was going to make it. But here we are, week 13. A milestone! No more 1st trimester! Everyone says the 2nd is wonderful and I can't wait!!! I can't wait to start feeling the little guy or gal moving and kicking! It's going to be wild, I can just imagine! 

I do have a bit of a belly already. Dang it Sara for not working more on those ab muscles! LOL! I could have kept the thing under wraps a little longer. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited for a baby belly, but what I have now looks just like I'm a tubbo who had a big supper. :) I'm afraid people look at my when I'm in public and are like, "wow, sister needs to work on her cardio!" I just want to tell everyone that I'm pregnant, not fat. Oh well. :) I know I need to start taking belly pics, but I NEVER do my hair or makeup anymore and look like crap most of the time, so I'm trying to wait for a day where I actually look like a human. :) I'm thinking we will try to take the first one tomorrow. 

For those of you interested, here are some baby/mama highlights so far!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  13 weeks
Size of baby:  Baby White is about the size of a peach!!! (Appropriate I suppose since we are moving to Georgia next week)
Total Weight Gain:  About 1 pound. 
Maternity Clothes:  None. All I've been wearing are stretchy pants/shorts and t-shirts or dresses. 
Gender:  I took a sketchy gender predictor urine test they sell at drug stores for fun, and it said a boy. However, I am not putting much stock into and the hubs is putting absolutely NO stock into it. He was annoyed I even bought it. hehehe. :) 
Sleep:  It's hard to fall asleep since I feel like vomiting constantly, but sleeping has been ok so far. 
What I miss: Watching the food network :( Not possible when I feel sick. I don't miss caffeine since I didn't drink much pop and never drank coffee before baby. 
Cravings:  None really. It's more like, what foods are tolerable at the moment. That's basically starches. A lot of breads (Pizza, breadsticks, pb sandwiches) and potatoes. I eat a lot of fruit too.
Symptoms: Tiredness, not like sleepy tired though. Like, I can hardly walk in Target for 15 minutes tired, NAUSEA, and a lot of food aversions like chicken and veggies.

Like I had mentioned above, the inevitable move to Georgia is finally upon us. I am extremely sad to be leaving my family, especially my mommy. However, I am coming back to KS in two months,and then she and my step-dad are coming down for Thanksgiving and she will be back again for baby's arrival. I am so sad that I won't be able to share all my pregnancy issues with her first hand and that she won't be able to come to my doctor's appt's and see my growing belly. However, I suppose I knew this would come when I married an Army officer so I need to figure it out. The upside is, we will only be a few hours from Jeremy's family and I know they are very excited to share our pregnancy experiences with us. So, at least I won't be completely family-less! 

That is all for now! I have gone on way to long as it is!!! Keep reading for the next Baby White installment!