Sunday, March 11, 2012

Geez Louise!

Hi, my name is Sara. Remember me? Last time we talked I was wondering when it would EVERRRR be time to get off the massive head-exploding hormonal roller coaster called pregnancy. Well, the time came. Two and a a half months ago. Sorry I didn't give you more notice to prepare and get excited. I was the last to know, trust me. I'll spare you the gory details....for now....but our little princess came a whoppin' 3 weeks early! Healthy and perfect as can be!! 7 pounds even, 20 1/2 inches long. She has big ol' feet and hands like her daddy and her mommy's nose (poor gal.) Daddy also blessed her with long pretty eyelashes. I haven't had time to blog it up since the little miss was born, for obvious reasons.  My brain is filled to capacity and swirls and swishes and bubbles over and leaves little room for me to remember to change out of my pajamas by 3 p.m. or brush my teeth, let alone chat with you all.

However, things are starting to slow down. Miss Mina Louise (now I get your title, Sara) is beginning to settle into somewhat of a sleeping schedule, thank you Jesus, and is usually counting sheep by 8 p.m. these days. 8 p.m.?! What in God's green Earth shall a new mommy do with 2-3 hours of free time in the evening?! I can think of 1,237,764 things. Oh the blessing/burden/pure joy/craziness that is being a mommy. If I'm lucky, I get to watch a little DVR, take a shower, and get to bed early enough to feel a little rested by the time the beautiful beast wakes me up to eat at 2-3 am. Sometimes in bed(more times than I would prefer), instead of falling asleep, I am plagued with mommy brain. Here are some examples of things that occupy my mind instead of drifting off into dreamland......

-The no brainer: Is she breathing?
-Is she swaddled too tight?
-What if her face itches, her hands aren't free!
-What if she rolls over and her face is pushed against the side of the bassinet and she can't move herself away because she is swaddled! (Yes, I have a lot of swaddle fears, however, the magic the swaddle performs on -her sleeping outweighs my irrational fears.....most of the time)
-Did she get enough to eat today?
-What time will she wake up in the middle of the night to eat?
-I hope it's past 2 a.m.
-I hope it's before 4 .a.m
-I hope she sleeps until 7 a.m.
-Will she nap tomorrow?
-What does say about that?
-My boobs hurt
-I'm sick of breastfeeding
-I'm happy I stuck with breastfeeding
-I'm a bad wife
-I don't cook dinner enough
-I don't give the dogs enough attention
-They probably hate me
-Did Mina just make a noise?
-I wish I could sleep
-You better fall asleep!
-You only have a few hours!
-Hurry up!
-Did I take a shower today?
-Did I take a shower yesterday?
-I need to take more pictures of the baby
-I need to be in more pictures with the baby
-How long can I wear maternity jeans?
-I've probably crossed that line
-Dang it
-I feel fat
-I better lose the rest of this weight
-I'm not eating tomorrow
-We'll go for a walk tomorrow, up that really big hill down the street
-I hate Jeremy for sleeping so easily
-Is that poop I smell?

But doesn't she just make you want to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes absolutely no sense when people say "I could just eat her up!" But yet, how perfectly it does.