Sunday, September 11, 2011

SHE is on her way!

Here we are again! I thought I would give another little update on the bebe! We are all doing well, I and (more importantly) the little lady are growing like a weed! Everything is going normally and we are moving steadily along. I think time has started to pick up since we found out the sex, time had been just been moving SOOOO slow the first half of the pregnancy, probably because the nausea/vomiting was just making everything seem so miserable and the days lasts for weeks, but after that past for the most part, we began to anxiously await the news of the gender. I know time will sloooowwwww down at the very end again when I'm a whale and want this baby out yesterday, but for now, I'm hoping it starts to pick up. 

Now that we know we are having a girl, I can try to keep busy, setting up the nursery, crafting baby girl stuff, etc. I plan on painting and decorating wooden letters that spell her name (which is being kept secret) :) for her nursery. We registered last week, which was realllyyy fun, not so much for daddy-to-be, but fun for mommy! My lovely Kansas friends are hosting a shower for my in Kansas on Oct.1st, and I believe my mommy-in-law is hosting one in Mississippi for me  in November. How blessed are we?! Hopefully we get a lot of necessities at the showers because geez! Babies need a lot! It's a little daunting when it's your first child and you have NO baby stuff. 

We are still getting used calling her a "her." :) And she is kicking up a storm!!!! It's such an interesting and mesmerizing thing to feel your child kick and wiggle around in there. I THINK we can start feeling her from the outside of my tummy. Yesterday when she was moving I put my hand on my tummy like I always do and I've always only been able to feel my heartbeat (on that big vein that pops up down there) but yesterday I believe I felt her kick from the outside. I'm sure it will get much more obvious in the next few weeks, but it was exciting! :) 

Here is your dose of preggo Sara factoids:

                                                                           How far along:  22 Weeks
Size of baby: So on this baby website it says 22-24 weeks the baby is the size of a papaya. I don't think I know what a papaya looks like. BUT, she is about 1 pound and almost a foot long! 
Total Weight Gain:  About 15 lbs. Rough I know. I'm really hoping to stay under a 35 pound weight gain.  I've been trying to go to the gym and walk and do some light weights but it's hard sometimes when I feel like a fatty and don't want to go anywhere. It's a work in progress! 
Maternity Clothes:  If I'm not wearing my trusty nightgowns or stretchy tank tops and pants, my butt is in maternity clothes. There is no going back now people! 
Gender:  We found out last Friday we are having a GIRLLLLLLLLLL!!!! GET. OUT. OF. TOWN. Do you understand my surprise in this? Really. I had already registered for boy things I was so positive it was a boy. The hubs and my mom, and I, and most people, were calling her a "him" for a few months now. Just because we all thought she was a he! Oh and by the way, that "how fast the heartbeat is" crap is totally lammmmeeeee-oooooo. Her heartbeat never went over like 147 bpm. And girls are supposed to be wayyyy faster than that. 
Sleep:  Getting rough. My back has started to hurt pretty bad in bed. I've slept with a pillow in between my legs since about week 12. But bought a boppy wedge pillow to shove under my belly a few days ago to also help align my back. So far I haven't felt a difference. Boo.   
What I miss: Still not eating chicken. I just can't do it. I try to if that's what someone makes for supper or if that is my only option but it's difficult. I'm not really struggling with much else. Oh, not eating a lot of veggies, they never sound good. Sorry pregnant police. 
Cravings:  Fruit, I eat a lot of fruit. A LOT of grapefruit. It grosses Jeremy out. hehe. Wendy's frostys too really get me excited! 
Symptoms: Getting bigger bigger bigger. Tummy is most definitely looking pregnant now I would say, not just like I ate too much pasta for supper. Nausea has it's moments, but nothing like it used to be and I haven't vomited for 5 weeks. Yay! 

One last thing, I know this blog has turned into a baby-fest since I have been pregnant and has steered away from it's original purpose, to discuss and share my faith journey. I often think of lots of faith related topics I want to bring up on here, but have not done it. Forgive me. Perhaps I should be asking God for forgiveness that I have strayed from a task that I was so passionate about several months ago. I am not past my search or "over it" in anyway, it just has, to be completely and utterly honest, fell off my radar. It stopped being a priority. Yes I said that. I almost stopped myself from typing that because I don't want people or THE Man to know. But, duh, he has known that for months now. He knows. Why do I care who else knows. I feel ashamed in myself, I have stopped reading the Bible. I've stopped asking questions. Instead of searching for God, I need to start searching how to start searching again! If you are reading this and have any good pieces of advice on this topic, please share with me. Thank you dear readers!