Friday, October 14, 2011

Can't she be something yummier than an eggplant?


I am officially....HUGE. I am not going to say I'm FAT because every time I use the word fat, or tub of lard (hehe) or whatever word that best describes how I'm feeling at the moment, people's first response is..."You aren't FAT! YOU ARE PREGNANT!" Duh people. :) Every time I see myself in the mirror I am shocked. I keep saying..."I didn't know it was going to be like this..." "What is happening to me?!"...."There is no way I can get bigger than this!!"...."How am I supposed to grow for three more months?!" It is frightening. Very very frightening. Like jaw on the ground, how in the helicopter am I suppose to have a 7 POUND CHILD IN THERE?! I AM HUGE ALREADY?! 

I just got back from two weeks visiting friends in family in KS. My lovely friends threw a shower for me and that day while getting ready I had this "I am looking pretty good! Hair is good, makeup good, maternity dress looks cute, I am a cute pregnant lady, woohooooo" attitude. Then I saw the pictures from the shower. O. M. G. My poor little self had a BIG skewed view of what I reallllyyy looked like. :) Like an obese person seeing a skinnier person in the mirror because their mind isn't able to see the real them. It was a sad realization. But, good that I caught the problem early. Now I know that: 

1. Black is a must from here on out. Black leggings, black shirts, and hopefully SOON, black sweaters. 

2. Sleeveless shirts/dresses are off limits. My arms are just too big. I read a pregnancy book about the time in pregnancy when you really just need to put the sleeveless clothes away. Don't be in denial. :) I thought, "Hey! Maybe I'll be one of those hot mami's that only gain weight in their tummy and the rest of their body looks great and slim." Nope. Not even close. 

3. A spray tan would do me good. This is hard to justify to the old hubs because he knows it costs money and doesn't last too long. My response to this is, first of all, SHUT UP! ;) And, I can't work out and be skinny, I can't fake tan in a booth, I can't lay out in the sun, I have limited options in the "Make Sara feel pretty" department. A cute hairstyle and getting your nails done only goes so far. :) A nice little tanned glow would do me good I think.  Being tan also makes you look slimmer, which oh brother I need. Now don't get all excited and think I'm going all Jersey Shore orange tan. Just a very subtle glow. I'm pregnant people, I'm supposed to glow!!! 

One and a half more weeks and we will be 28 weeks and in the third trimester. Have I mentioned that this pregnancy is THE LONGEST 9 (10) MONTHS OF MY LIFE?!?!??! I swear it is never ending. And the big and fat pregnancy uncomfortable-ness has definitely set in. Back pain is insane. Acid reflux came like a beast about a week or so ago.  I am now squatting to pick things up instead of bending over. Jeremy has to give me a little boost to get off the couch. It's just all really surreal to me. He looked at my belly and giggled tonight. I knew what he was thinking. I was thinking the same thing. Where in the heck did that thing come from?! It's funny that when you try to get pregnant, all you think about is the end result: the baby. We want to be parents, we want a child. We didn't think about what happens in between getting pregnant and popping that sucker out. Weeeeirrrrdddd stuff happens. My tummy looks like a grizzly bear's tummy, did I mention that? Is ALL that hair REALLLY necessary? Come on now. 

I could go on and on with all of the really bizarre surreal stuff that has happened, is happening, will happen during this time. PLEASE don't think any of this is complaining. It's just chatting. I don't know how pregnant people aren't talking all the time about all the crazy stuff that happens to them. Am I just ignorant or naive and I should have known? Should I have known that I would turn into a grizzly bear or that I would eat 56 meals a day? Maybe? But I don't think so.  

Once the hubs and I get over the crazy factor of some pregnancy thing, it is usually fun and exciting, we joke about it, he makes fun of me, I make fun of myself, it's fine. :) Besides the back pain, things are going really well. We recently put together our baby furniture, which I LOVEEE, and the smallest office in the world has officially turned into the smallest nursery in the world. Walking by there everyday and seeing her furniture and the growing amount of clothes/supplies, is making the pregnancy MUCH more exciting and real. It is a solid reminder that something big (little) is on the horizon! My goal is to have the nursery complete and decorated by the time Thanksgiving rolls around as my parents are coming down for the holiday and I want it to be a cute as can be surprise for them to see! Here are the latest preggo lady stats:

How far along:  26 Weeks 3 days

Size of baby: She's a eggplant. She's got to be a long eggplant because she kicks her mommy constantly! She is practicing to be a martial artist like her daddy! 

Total Weight Gain:  Oh Lord have mercy. At 24 weeks it was 2o pounds. WHO KNOWS what is it now because I have definitely had a growth spurt since then. I gained 6 pounds between 20 and 24 weeks, I'm really hoping that isn't going to be a pattern! 

Maternity Clothes: I find the belly band built into the jeans and stuff really constricting. I usually wear maternity yoga pants or leggings. 

Gender:  I'm guessing she is still a girl. Let's hope she comes out that way because we are PINK TO THE MAX at the White house!! 

Sleep: I went to the Chiropractor twice while I was in KS by the urging of lots of mommies and mommies to be. I really feel that it has helped a lot with my back pain. However, the chiropractor suggested that I keep going every couple of weeks until baby comes, and sadly, our insurance does not cover the chiropractor. We will see how things go.....   

What I miss: Still not eating chicken. I miss bending over. :) I miss sleeping on my tummy. I miss sleeping without back pain and I miss eating like a normal human being. :) 

Cravings:  Still no super duper  "I will kill you if I don't eat this" craving. 

Symptoms: Back pain and acid reflux are the only bothersome things going on. Being huge is not really a symptom I guess, but I am, huge. 


  1. I gained 10 pounds between 20 and 24 weeks, then it slowed down so hopefully yours does too!! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, once baby gets here everything changes.

  2. Thanks Jenny! I hope you are hanging in there with your little man! I hope it's gotten a little better with the sleeping :)

  3. The sleeping is getting a bit better. I've started a blog as well if you want to check it out, I think blogs are a fun way to stay connected with people!

  4. I will check it out! I love blogs!

  5. Oh girl, you're cute. So much material here. You still look really good. And you gotta know it. :) As for eggplants, aren't they similar to a small cantaloupe? Maybe she could be a cantaloupe instead. Did you find some new bedding yet?

  6. I remember thinking that the 10 months my big sister was pregnant lasted about a millionty years. I can only imagine how long it seems when you are the one carrying around the eggplant. :)