Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"You drank all the milk?!"

Alright now peeps. I imagine some of you know, most of you probably don't, but, my husband, LOVES milk. Loves it. Obviously major cereal eating in the morning, glasses of milk with meals, glasses of milk with snacks, glasses of milk just because, etc. etc.....understand? Now, me, on the other hand, not a big milk kinda gal. Before I was pregnant I was rarely hungry for breakfast so I didn't eat a lot of cereal unless the mood hit me at a weird time, like lunch or for a snack. Drinking milk with a meal was unheard of, so, my milk drinking usually was limited to the occasion cookie or piece of cake.

However, as ol' Bobby Dylan would say, Times....they are a changin'. In fact, times have changed. Changed big. And bad. Soup Nazi? Seinfield? Awwww, yes, we know. Just call me the Milk Nazi. I have officially put strict rules and regulations in place regarding the milk in our household. Just tonight I sternly told my poor husband that milk was off limits to him (since we were running low) until further notice. I MUST eat cereal in the morning. It is my staple pregnancy breakfast.

Usually he likes to drink milk before bed, perhaps bring it to the bedroom, drink it while he messes around on the laptop before bed a little. Nope. Think again buddy. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

If there is not enough milk for me to have a generous helping for my morning cereal, dear husband WILL go to the gas station by our house, whenever I happen to discover the horror of this fact. Usually I don't discover the lack of milk until midnight or so, poor guy.

Before I was pregnant, a gallon wouldn't last TOO long because hubs has always loved milk, but now that two of us are drinking the stuff, keeping an ample supply is rough. We have started to become smart and try to keep two gallons in the fridge at all times. I don't require many things as far as food goes in this pregnancy, but milk and cereal are definitely required. He had a hard time adjusting to sharing the milk at the beginning of this journey, but has adapted. It is now ingrained in his mind that if he does not leave an adequate amount for my needs, bad things happen. Bad bad things.

Anywhos: I don't feel like catching you up on ALL of the preggo factoids this time around as it is a little time consuming and not much has actually changed. However, here are the highlights:

1. I'm a fat @#%. bahahahahahahha. Kidding people, just wanted to get you a little rawled up since I know you hate it when I say things like that.

2. Today we hit 28 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooo!!! Which starts the 3rd and FINAL trimester, and also starts the every two week OB appts. I'm VERY excited about both of these facts. I'm always look forward to my OB appts, and waiting a month in between them was no fun.

3. With the 28 week mark usually comes the gestational diabetes test. I took mine this morning. Actually, I should say, TRIED to take mine. I drank the orange sugary drink which actually didn't taste as bad as people made it out to be, however, my tummy just didn't feel like having company, so....up it came. I was extremely frustrated with myself as I knew they would just force me to drink it again and again until I kept it down. However, after chatting with my OB he said we could just test my sugar levels at my appts from here on out instead of repeatedly trying to not puke up that junk. So, I opted for that road instead.

4. I was also, of course, weighed at my appt today. Since 24 weeks, I've gained...another 7 pounds. That puts me at....ahemmm....27. *Scream* It's rough to think about, but really, what can I do? I have to eat when I'm hungry. I can walk more, yes. I could eat a little better, yes. Which I am trying to do. But other than that, it is what it is. Let's hope it comes off *fairly* easily after the little miss arrives.....

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