Friday, December 9, 2011

Is that a stretch mark I see?

So I was laying in bed the other day and had an itchy tummy, near my abdomen. So I itched it. Mid itch I remembered.....itchy tummy....preggo...DUN DUN DUN! Stretch mark alert! So I got up (slowly no doubt) and went to the bathroom to check it out. It was very low under my belly so I had to do a weird lift-up-the-baby- check out the situation down there move and low and behold....a stretch mark. I thought I was pretty bad-ass for going this long without getting one, but here it is upon us (me.) Now don't even think about rolling your eyes and saying "Ugh, now she's complaining about stretch marks?! She's pregnant! She needs to get over it!"

 I'm over it. As a matter of fact, I was never really....under it? I have the (un) fortunate blessing of going through the "OMG STRETCH MARKS" ordeal lonnngggg ago when I was a bit of a tubby gal in high school, so I already have them. Getting a few now is definitely not going to be as traumatic as it is for those poor girls who have never had a stretch mark in their life until pregnancy. I just hope my body doesn't get all greedy and think that since I already have some it can go bananas. I don't think so body! But who am I kidding? When in the last 9 months has my body cared what Sara thought? Never. :) 

So anyways, here I am. Creeping up on 35 weeks preggo and I am officially. over. it. I thought I was officially over 10 weeks ago. And 5 weeks ago, I'm sure in 4 weeks I will be like "NO, NOW I AM OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY OVER IT!" But for now, it's officially official. I crossed some invisible pain/torture/uncomfortable barrier this week. Where everything was going alright, my belly was no doubt making walking, sleeping, etc. a bit harder, but I was dealing with it alright, a big thanks to my chiropractor who was keeping my back, hips and neck in pretty decent shape every week. However, this week, something changed. I believe I have enough collateral information to decide that I think she has dropped, which I'm sure is the culprit. It's like I've turned a corner into the black abyss. I can no longer walk without moaning. I can no longer get off the couch without the hubs pulling me up. I can't sleep. Ever. My back and hips are in such excruciating pain it's amazing. I went to my weekly chiropractor appt on Wed and the only thing he successfully adjusted was my neck. He said everything in my back was too tight. Grrrrrr. He has been my saving grace for a few months and now, the poor sucker is worthless! :) OK, a little dramatic there, my apologies. I stretch, use a heating pad and hot showers like nobody's business. It takes the edge off a bit, but dang peeps! This is crazy! My biggest frustration is most of my pain is in my low back, and I cannot seem to find any stretch that stretches that part. The hubs says touching your toes is the only one he can think of, and if you saw me try to attempt to touch my toes at this point in the game, you would die of hysterics.

So here I am, in what I feel (hope) is the final stretch (no pun intended) of the never-ending pregnancy journey.

~I'm so sorry dear baby girl of mine, but please don't be surprised when mommy is just as excited to see you as she is to not be pregnant anymore. Oh and by the way, you are soooo GROUNDED! Love, Mommy~

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