Thursday, May 24, 2012

What I Like About You

I had lunch with an old friend yesterday and it was the first time she had met Mina, and Sara, as a mommy. We spent our time talking about social work, crazy jobs, crazy people, and being mommies. As we were talking about mommy-hood, she asked me what my favorite thing about being a mom was, what I loved the most.

A simple question. Or is it?

 "Psshhhh, I dunno?!" Was my first reaction. Then, "I love everything about it!" How cliche. (And not true by the way.)  I don't love everything about being a mom, some things are really difficult, but there are a lot of things I do love. 

The thing I love the most about being a mom is the me I become when I love her. I am different. I am selfless. My diva-ness that I tend to have, is put aside. My needs, my desires, are hers. I think of her first. I dream for her. I cry for her. My future plans are viewed through a lense of what is best for her. She has helped me be this person. I love that.  

I love to see her grow, see her look at me as if I am all she will ever need. I love that when I walk in the room, she smiles. She laughs at my funny faces and my funny noises and holds on tight when I pick her up. She loves me simply because I am me. Her mommy. She doesn't ask questions, give ultimatums or make demands. She just loves. 

I love my mom being able to see me as a mom. I see the pride in her eyes as she watches me learn and grow and develop into a mom I hope she always wished I would be.

I love the growth of my husband and I's relationship. We are no longer just husband and wife, we are mommy and daddy. I love that we jokingly fight over who loves her more and who contributed more to her perfect-ness (I did of course.) I love that we look at each other and silently give each other the "good job." I love seeing him as a father, his pride.

I love that we share a bond that will never be broken. 

I love her. 

                 Some things are hard, but most things are beautiful. Most things, I love

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  1. Well, I love this post. Such beautiful observations, Sara. It's so great to hear that these are the things, at the end of the day, that you truly love about mommy-ing. Aren't you glad you really stopped to ask yourself that question? It feels nice to have these real answers to hang onto when the stuff we don't love so much comes around. :) Glad we are mommies together.