Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahhh hemm...Excuse me...

I just wanted to clarify a few things about my last blog. I talked about my husband in it, which I tend to do, because he is my husband, get over it. (hehe) I mentioned him having a sort of unwavering faith. He decided, "This is what I believe, The end." That IS kind of what happened, but not exactly.

I wanted to clarify this as after I wrote the blog and published it, I thought I may have made him seem like he knows nothing about God and just decided he was going to believe this thing existed and doesn't know how or why. It made him sound sort of ignorant, something he is definitely not. Especially regarding his faith. My suspicions of me perhaps painting him in an ignorant light were confirmed when he mentioned the same thing to me after he read it.

I most certainly am not writing this blog to "bail him out" or make excuses for him. I'm discussing this because this blog is a lot about my journey to faith, God, etc. And the person who I discuss most of my journey with, is of course, my husband. I bounce things off of him, I tell him the crazy stuff I dream about, the stories I'm reading in the bible, we pray together, etc. So, it's important that people reading my blog don't think he's a crazy ignorant dummy :) One of the reasons why he is the main source of feedback regarding this journey I am on, is because he has also been there. It was a different one of course, and he got to the finish line perhaps a little faster and easier than I did, but he ran the race....Errhhmmm, scratch that, marathon. His journey was mostly in high school, going to youth group, reading the bible and knowing in his heart that what he read was the truth and that God was his God. He continued his studies and faith in college and is a great source of knowledge about Christianity for me. It's pretty fair to say that I wouldn't be on this journey if it wasn't for him, a few other close friends moved me along as well, but I don't think I would have wanted to figure it out for myself as bad if I didn't have a husband to aspire to be like. His faith is unwavering and strong and unmovable, not because he was told to do it or to follow a crowd, he was simply following his heart.

The end.

By the way, I'm eating a bag of starbursts and there is an unusual amount of reds ( my favorite) in here. Amazinggggggggg.


  1. Three things:
    1. I didn't think that about your husband when I read the first post.
    2. I love your blog layout and scheme.
    3. Reds are my favorite.

  2. Ha ha cute little finale there, Sara. I don't remember thinking that about Jeremy, like he's ignorant or anything. But then, I know you guys. So I just put it through my filter. I'm glad you both have each other so you can discover Jesus together.